Friday, December 21, 2012

Sharing, from another Cancer Survivor - Mesothelioma Cancer

Clear Blue Sky. I "stop & look". 

At Last ~!!
I have finally found a bit of time to slot in a new blog page.
Over the past 6 months, many things had changed.
I quit my job, adopted a quality lifestyle & am enjoying every bit of life now.
I ran my first half marathon in my personal best time & started running my own little business.

My 1st 21km marathon. Penang Bridge Intl Marathon

My first 10KM run. Nike Run KL 10km

I have adopted to change for the better. To relieve myself of the mental stress, I am now operating a small courier service kiosk with additional business center services like printing, internet access & instant photo services as add-ons.
With the help of my family & parents, & not forgeting my friends, things have been running smoothly.
I have learnt many things like managing stress level, time management, anger management & most importantly, I have chose to live.

About 2 months back, I have received an email from a person by the name of Cameron.
He would like me to share his life story & experience with cancer.
His family are strong fighters & deserve all my respect on their encounter to overcome the odds.
Its a  touching story & will give many cancer patients out there a GOOD MOTIVATION.
As long as there is a will, there is a way.
Its never the END till you fight to your last breath.
Below is his story about his wife & her CHOICE TO LIVE.

A Cancer Diagnosis Affects the Entire Family

My wife’s diagnosis with mesothelioma was one of the most difficult times in my life.  I talked with her once about my experiences when I was caring for her, but now I would like to give a more detailed description of my experiences.                                                                                                                                           

As with all cancer diagnoses, my wife’s diagnosis was unexpected and unwelcome.  We had just brought our new daughter Lily home a few months earlier.  Our daughter’s birth was a wonderful occasion, but our happiness quickly turned to distress.  Hearing the doctor tell my wife that she had mesothelioma made me wonder how we would ever get through this situation.  Seeing the tears in my wife’s eyes let me know that she was thinking the same thing.

The initial diagnosis was such an unreal moment that I felt like the weight of the world was on my shoulders.  My wife was overwhelmed with this news and so was I.  Regardless of how overwhelmed I felt about the situation, I knew that I had to be my wife’s anchor.

I do not believe that I have ever been as angry as when the doctor gave my wife her diagnosis.  Unfortunately, others around me felt my anger.  I realized that I could not continue to be angry, and I eventually found ways to keep calm.  I knew that the anger would be detrimental to my family.  I had to be strong and be there for my wife, but there were many days in which being strong seemed impossible to do.

I was suddenly forced to take on so many responsibilities.  If I had not learned to budget my time and resources, then I could not have made it through this ordeal.  Our friends were there to help us when we needed it. Their generosity could never be replaced, but even with their help, I constantly found myself on the verge of becoming overwhelmed.

After Heather’s surgery, I experienced the most stressful time of all.  Heather and Lily both stayed in South Dakota with Heather’s parents, as Heather got ready for another round of mesothelioma treatment: chemotherapy and radiation.  I felt awful being so far away from them.  I was so desperate to see them one weekend that I drove 11 hours through the night in a snowstorm.  Once I got there, I could only spend a few hours with them before I had to travel another 11 hours to go back home and get ready for work.

Being away from Heather and Lily was tough, but I know that by having them in South Dakota, I was able to continue working and providing for them.  If they had been at home with me, I would not have been able to work and take care of them at the same time.

I was so grateful that I was able to make choices that were beneficial to my family, but most of all, I was grateful to have family and friends to help us through our difficult time.  Through all of our struggles, Heather is still here and still healthy over six years later.  I hope that our story can be a source of hope and help to those currently battling cancer.


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