Wednesday, November 13, 2013

From a Cancer Survivor to a Cancer Caregiver

My life connection with cancer is deeper than I expected.

After 2 1/2 years of winning my battle with cancer, my mom just got diagnosed with colon cancer.
Its rather hard to swallow this but still have to force it down.

My cancer experience had taught my family a lot about things... things like controlling our emotion, managing the finance, therapeutic food, quality rest, exercise routines & most of all, strong mental fighting spirit.
In our lifetime, too many times have we come upon dreaded news about our close ones, our relatives & our friends being traumatised by cancer.
The top 3 questions when someone hear a person has cancer.
1. "I'm so sorry". The first reaction is the state of feeling sorry upon hearing the tragic news.
2. "Which part of the body & how bad". Second is to learn which part of the body got affected.
3. "What stage is it?" Third is to evaluate how serious the condition is.

If a person is new to cancer, the above questions and answers doesn't matter as they already sentenced "Death" in their mind.
In this fast moving world where our life is dictated by technology advancement, synthetic products, chemically laced food, mounting working stress & negative ecological changes, we are posed to meet some kind of sickness in our lifetime, just a matter of seriousness.
BUT if you have sound knowledge on cancer, then there is always hope.

My Mom, staying positive : )
It all stated with indigestion. My mom started complaining that she has a full stomach after eating just a bit. There wasn't much stoll during her toilet routine. This lasted for a year ( and she kept quiet about it!! ).
Until about 3 months back, her stomach started to bloat & minor pain kicked in.
She went to a local GP(general practitioner) & was advised to go to the hospital for a thorough check up.

Initially, she went to see a chinese doctor. As expected, only able to diagnosed wind in her stomach. Was prescribed with some herbs & advised to come back again for a follow up.
She vomited all the medicine out just when she took in the first pack.
The following day, she went to Tung Shin Hospital due to the mounting pain & was administered by Dr Lim Chwen Loong (laparospic & colorectal surgery specialist).
Dr Lim was very professional & quick in his action. He reduced the swelling & put my mom on antibiotics & painkillers. A week & a half later, my mom was admitted to the hospital again. She did a colonscopy & was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma.
At the same time, the doctor made an opening on her left side of the stomach. This allows the intake of food to exit through & not going through the cancerous part of the colon.

A battle with cancer will take a long time and it burns deep into the pockets.

My siblings & I made the decision to admit her into Selayang Hospital for the operation to remove the cancerous colon. So, with the recommendation letter & scans result, we met Dr Raj whom is in the surgical department to arrange for the operation. Initially, it was suppose to be scheduled about 5 wks later. But to our surprise, the hospital called & had us to admit into the hospital a week later for the operation. It was that fast ~!

The operation went well
A operation is never easy for a senior citizen . Physically they are not as strong to stand the pain & recovery time is longer too. The road to recovery had a few hiccups but was brought under control. As of now, her condition & well being is very good. She looks cheerful with a face of good health.
The appointment with the oncologist takes about 2mths right after the operation. Chemotherapy looks inevitable as a few of my mother's lymph nodes were affected.
Prior to the appointment with the oncologist, I got a cousin of mine to help me to get substance X.
Based on the spiritual findings, she has to take in 15pills compare to mine of 12pills. She's done with the pills now. Hopefully it has the miraculous effect which its fabled for.
Just need to wait for the scans again to see the result.

At Beijing Houhai, so smoggy.

At the Great Wall of China
Now, we want our mom to lead a quality life. She went to Macau a month back & just came back from her tour of Beijing & Shanghai last week. At her age, she couldn't ask for more but to lead a happy life. She continues to plan for next trip out to Bangkok & Japan. What my siblings & myself could do is to just plan a good holiday for them.

Now, she is happy & nothing to worry about. 
Just continue to help me at my shop and keep herself occupied. This way, she has the motivation to continue to be "here" & to look forward on her holidays at
cold climate countries.

For the past few months, I have a few friends/acquaintance whom were diagnosed with cancer too. They accepted what they have & fought courageously. I gave them as much moral support as I could.
The point is, cancer cases are popping out everywhere. It seems rather rampant & the hospital cancer wards are always full of people. Just when we least expect, it will strike & hit us on the head with a bang.
Therefore, take care of your health to lower the risk. Eating healthy, exercising, ample sleep & spiritual balance will help to lower the risk of getting cancer.
Don't just talk about it, you got to walk the talk.
2013 Adidas 16.8km run. Finished in good timing : )
Going to run a full 42km on 17 Nov'13


  1. hi there, i can see that it has been some time since your last update on this page but i was just curious— could you maybe write about your experience finding out you had cancer? i mean, were there any signs & symptoms you started noticing yourself (at home) before you decided to properly visit a doctor?

    thanks, nick! :D and kudos on being cancer-free~

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